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One Planet Bungle Sleeping Bag

One Planet Bungle

Ultralight down sleeping bag

$439.00 — $699.00 NZD

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The Bungle range is designed to cope with the variety of conditions you will encounter as you travel your way around the world. The Bungle -4 is perfect for warm sleepers and those visiting more moderate climates such as Africa and Asia. The Bungle is versatile: warm enough for bushwalking, light enough for travelling, comfortable enough for anything…

Tapered rectangular in shape for additional wriggle room and versatility.
The vertical baffle system reduces the movement of air and down, preventing cold spots.
Filled with One Planet's water-repellent DWR DOWN in 700+ and 800 loft (you choose).
Uses strong, highly breathable 15-denier Vapour Vent for inner and outer fabric.
Three-dimensional hood and foot increase comfort and warmth.
The 3D neck muff and twin draft tubes on the zip keep warm air in.
Zips can be opened fully for more versatility.
Available in small, regular and large sizes.

One Planet DWR DOWN
Down is the best insulation for lightweight camping gear due to its loft, compressibility and durability. However, this golden fibre has a failing: its ability to insulate drastically decreases when it is wet. The solution is now here – DWR DOWN. This down has been selected to meet our rigorous standards, with a durable water-repellent (DWR) treatment applied after the cleaning and sorting process.

The benefits of DWR DOWN are:
It absorbs less water in damp conditions.
It retains higher loft (insulation) in damp conditions.
It dries faster.

Temperature ratings:
-4ºC: 2ºC comfort, -4ºC limit of comfort, -20ºC extreme
-7ºC: 0ºC comfort, -7ºC limit of comfort, -23ºC extreme
-10ºC: -4ºC comfort, -10ºC limit of comfort, -29ºC extreme
-15ºC: -8ºC comfort, -15ºC limit of comfort, -36ºC extreme

Bag weight (g):
700+ loft DWR duck down
S: 764 (-4), 890 (-7), 957 (-10), 1092 (-15)
R: 814 (-4), 982 (-7), 1061 (-10), 1208 (-15)
L: 986 (-4), 1067 (-7), 1148 (-10), 1308 (-15)
800+ loft DWR duck down
S: 736 (-4), 852 (-7), 915 (-10), 1040 (-15)
R: 845 (-4), 941 (-7), 1015 (-10), 1151 (-15)
L: 962 (-4), 1023 (-7), 1097 (-10), 1246 (-15)

Small: Right
Reg: Left or Right
Large: Left only

Sizes (height x shoulder circumference, cm)
Small: 175 x 155
Reg: 185 x 160
Large: 200 x 168

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