Cleaning and Care

1. Basic Cleaning

Dirty boots should be brushed clean using warm water. Manure, blood, fuels or chemicals et.c. should be immediately washed off to avoid permanent damage to the leather uppers.

2. Drying

The footbeds should be removed at the end of every day of use, to allow them to dry out, as any residual perspiration or moisture in the boot will be retained in this super absorbent footbed. The boots should then be allowed to dry naturally and not force dried by any form of direct heat. Don’t wear the boots when the leather is bone dry.

3. Waxing/Leather Treating

After drying, lightly brush over with a clean bristle brush, and place in a warm area. When warm apply a wax evenly with a clean cloth.

Note: If your boot has a 100% waterproof Goretex inner lining you need to be sure the wax you apply is the correct one. It needs to replace the leather’s natural lubricants whilst allowing the leather upper to breath, and the inner Goretex lining to remove perspiration/ moisture from inside the boot. It should not be a water proofing or sealing agent as this will interfere with the Goretex properties and turn the boot into a ‘gumboot”, where moisture and the cupful of perspiration each foot produces in a day has no way to escape.


Do Not Use Dubbin, Fat, Polish or Oils. These will only clog the pores of the breathing leather and can have chemicals in them that can deteriorate the leather and stitching.  

Caution - Farmers Beware

Manure, urine, blood and chemical (diesel and drench) et.c. are all extremely harmful to all types of leather. If your boots are exposed to any of these substances, wash it off with warm soapy water as soon as possible to avoid any deterioration of the leather uppers and reapply wax.



 Laces, Footbeds and Wax

Spare laces, footbeds (insoles) and the correct wax are important partners of any pair of boots or shoes. We carry a range of products to suit the footwear you choose.


Having the correct type of sock to go inside your boot can make a huge difference to the fit of your boot and is a great way to reduce the risk of blisters and general discomfort. We carry a wide range of socks to suit any outdoor activity you have in mind.